Thursday, April 14, 2011

Being in a relationship is scary.

 There are many aspects to it. It takes trust, patience, and understanding. It takes time. Sometimes. It comes with doubts. Am i good enough. Why am i so boring. Are they bored. Do they feel the same. All theses thoughts. It makes you work harder. It makes you change things up. The thought of them not feeling the same. The thought of you feeling more for them than they do for you. Its scary. The thoughts of “its going to be like last time” or the fear of losing them after coming so far. Just the fact that at anytime, they can walk out of your life. Its a pessimistic thought. But it is really true. Thats why we all have to fight for love. We all have to break barriers and tear down walls for love. We change, lifestyle changes. Things we go through to keep what we have strong. Its all worth it, if you make it worth it <3

I am convinced...

Maswerte ka kung meron kang boyfriend na:

  • Hinahatid ka sa sakayan mo pauwi. Kasi ayaw niyang mapahamak ka. Kung pwede nga lang, ihatid ka niya sa bahay niyo para sigurado.
  • Handa kang ipaglaban sa mga taong hahadlang sa inyo. Yun bang “you and me against the world ang dating.”
  • Ipapakilala ka sa pamilya niya. Sweet yun kasi kapag pinakilala ka niya, para na rin niyang sinabi na gusto ka niyang makasama at makasundo mo ang family niya dahil mahal na mahal ka niya.
  • Hahawakan ang kamay mo kahit pasmado. Hindi siya choosy. Basta importante, mahawakan niya ang kamay mo.
  • Magbabayad ng pamasahe mo kahit ayaw mo. Normal daw kasi sa lalaking magprovide. At nakakatapak ng ego kapag tinanggihan mo.
  • Kapag natatakpan ng buhok mo ang mukha mo, hahawiin niya.Kasi gusto niyang makita ng maayos ang mukha mo.
  • Yayakapin ka pag umiyak ka. Para tumahan ka na at malaman mong safe ka na.
  • Kasasakay mo pa lang ng jeep/tricycle, itetext ka na ng “ingat ka” Just to make you smile.
  • Aasarin ka, tapos pag naasar ka na, sasabihing “ang cute mo.” Trip lang. Pero sweet pa rin.
  • Magtetext ng unexpected “I LOVE YOU”. Para lang maalala mong may nagmamahal sayong tulad niya.
  • Tatawagan ka kahit hindi siya naka-unli call para lang kamustahin ka o i-update ka sa mga ginagawa niya. Para hindi ka magduda sa kanya.
  • Proud na ilagay sa Facebook na IN A RELATIONSHIP siya sayo.Para malaman ng mga dati niyang friends ang tungkol sa inyo.
  • Magpopost sa Wall mo ng mga sweet messages. Para pagbukas mo ng FB mo, pangalan agad niya ang makikita mo.
  • Ginawa niyang wallpaper ang picture mo. Para araw araw pagbukas niya ng cellphone niya, ikaw agad ang maaalala niya



Okay, see this little boy. His name is Jarvis, and he’s my second cousin. When he was five, he was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer eventually disappeared, and he was alright. Then, only two years ago, the cancer came back. He got worse, then the cancer disappeared again.
Last year, they found a tumour in his brain. They told his parents that he wouldn’t survive. But he did, and the tumour went away.
Jarvis was at a Christmas lunch, and I was talking to him. His biggest dream? To go to Singapore and to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part two.
Only last month, the cancer returned. In his ribs, in his kidneys, in his brain, in his spine, in his legs. And they gave him only a couple of months.
He’s gotten worse, and they gave him only weeks.
Yesterday, he couldn’t move because of pain, and now they’ve given him days.

I don’t know why I’m posting this, but the only thing I ask is that you could please keep Jarvis and his family in your thoughts. Pray for them. 

I shouldn’t daydream.

It takes a special kind of person to fuck me over. 
First, I’d have to like them. Everything from the smell of their skin to the way their nose scrunches when they don’t want to scratch their itch. It’s like Can you get any more perfect? And the answer is yes. They do things you’ve only dreamt a person would do. They captivate the every essence of everything you wish to find in a person. All their morals and values you appreciate. It later gets to the point where you can start to picture a future with them. You know, the kind of future that involves two people. The kind of future where you need another to get to your goals, to reach your ambitions and to become complete.  You aimlessly wander around your head seeing yourself happier than you can ever imagine, until you find out that that future will no longer be. 
They decided it won’t work, got up, and left. And there you are feeling stupid over the things you thought you had. It’s called heartbreak. I’m not over mine, nor will I ever be. I learnt to suppress it; push it to the side and focus on things irrelevant to it. I guess I shouldn't daydream.