Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Pinoy summer, da best! Indeed, summer here in the Philippines is one hell of a ride with all the festivities each island has to offer you. Colorful, fun, and noisy, those are the characteristics that these celebrations have hence no doubt that the people who experience those will definitely have a blissful summer.

The smile is indeed an indelible mark that people always possess while and after the festivity. There would be no reason for us not to smile and ignore the infecting happiness that the golden sound gives; The food is a constant cause of joy to the visitors as it possesses the ingredients that we all should be proud of; and the people will be the one to force you in wearing a smile.

The tourism department is indeed correct with its slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” The festivals alone would give the people an infinite reason to draw a curve on their faces hence we all have to celebrate for it!

On a more technical aspect. ABS-CBN is undoubtedly the best producers and makers of Station ID. Through the years, they have proven their worth to the industry. With all the innovations that they have, the station never ran out of flamboyant ideas in showcasing what the Philippines has to offer to the world! Good thing that their talents always uplifts the mood and the flow of the music video with their suave dance moves. And of course, the composed music will be another hit to every Filipino as it shall be the national anthem for this summer.

Now, let the world see how fun it is in our country through the help these Summer Station ID. Let them move with the stars of ABS-CBN along with its enticing music. Let the music do the thing. And of course, let them smile as they witness a celebration that they wouldn’t see in any country except ours. This shall we take pride on! We are a country of the bests and thank God for blessing us with unending graces. -

Chocolate Cake!

280 calories in one slice of chocolate cake.