Monday, November 1, 2010


Hugs are an important expression of affection. By hugging someone, you remind them that you care about them and support them. Not only supporting but you can hug your boyfriend. Hugs are easy but like we said it’s not always easy; to hug you need to be friends or more, then smile at the person and hug them. If it is a boy/girl and you have a different gender you have to be in a very good relationship. Just take it slow and steady.
Embrace him/her.
Lean forward and wrap your arms around the person. Males: Carefully sliding both your hands down from her shoulders, put them on her waist and slide them around her lower back. Put your head on her shoulder and press her towards you for as long as you like. If you want to, you can give her a small massage with your hands, and try to warm her. When separating, you can look into her eyes, smile genuinely and, if the situation is fitting, kiss her like you mean it and include some hair massage. 2) Females: Extend your arms toward him and hold them around his neck and shoulders. Lean as close as possible and press your torso against his. In situations of extreme intimacy, interlocking your leg in his is appropriate. Avoid holding your arms below his shoulders and/or embracing strongly and tensely, even if you’re about the same height as him. It might seem weird but it’ll work!
`A hug is a powerful way to communicate your caring for another person, as it can feel great and greatly improve one’s mood. If someone hugs you, they may want a long, loving hug (maybe they are upset or down), so just go along with it and hug them until they let go or loosen their hold. If you try to end it early, it may seem awkward for both of you.A good approach no matter what your relationship with the person you’ll be hugging is…walk up to them from a few (maybe 3) feet away, arms open. When you get to them, wrap your arms around approximately their midsection. Hold for a few seconds, then let go.

Hugging is healthy.
It assists the body’s immune system, it cures depression, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, it invigorates, it rejuvenates, and it has no unpleasant side-effects. Hugging is no less than a miracle drug. Blood pressure increased significantly more among the no-contact group as compared to the huggers. Heart rate among those without contact increased 10 beats a minute, compared to five beats a minute for huggers.
It is time to Get, and Give, More Hugs!




Jesus is...

No, Mom. I go to Hogwarts.

Mom: So are you ready for school tomorrow? 
Me: What? I don't start tomorrow. I start Wednesday. 
Mom: What are you talking about? 
Me: September 1st is when I start, Mom. 
Mom: No. Stop being silly. I'm waking you up at six tomorrow. 
Me: Why? The train doesn't leave until eleven. 
Mom: What train? Stop being ridiculous. You're scaring me. Now did you get all your supplies? 
Me: No. I have almost everything, but I still need my owl. Will you pick it up for me? 
Mom: Cindy, I'm serious. Quit. 
Me: Mom. I'm scared. 
Mom: Oh, honey! Why? 
Me: .... What if they put me in Slytherin? 

Enjoy your youth.

God is more interested in seeing us develop spiritual maturity than seeing us arrive at our dreams and goals without His presence.

See what Tumblr does to me?

Normal people: Why wont it open!?
Me: Y U NO OPEN!!??

Normal people: I feel so lonely
Me: forever alone ..

Normal people: Ohh, I get it!
Normal people: Lol, i dont care.
Me: Cool story bro.
Normal people: OMG, hot guy alert!!
Me: UNF!
Normal people: hahahahahahhaha, that’s funny!!
Me: hahahhaahaha, what is air??!
normal people: I’m so angry.

Tumblr Weapon