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The Marks Of Manhood

1.Spiritual maturity sufficient to lead a wife and children.
“A man must be ready to lead his wife and his children in a way that will honor God, demonstrate godliness, inculcate Christian character, and lead his family to desire Christ and to seek God’s glory.”

2.Personal maturity sufficient to be a responsible husband and father.
“True masculinity is not a matter of exhibiting supposedly masculine characteristics devoid of the context of responsibility.  In the Bible, a man is called to fulfill his role as husband and father.”

3.Economic maturity sufficient to hold an adult job and handle money.
“A real man knows how to hold a job, handle money with responsibility, and take care of the needs of his wife and family.”

4. Physical maturity sufficient to work and protect a family.
“A boy must be taught to channel his developing strength and emerging size into a self-counciousness of responsibility, recognizing that adult strength is to be combined with adult responsibility and true maturity”

5. Sexual maturity sufficient to marry and fulfill God’s purposes.
“…the true Christian man practices sexual integrity, avoiding pornography, fornication, all forms of sexual promiscuity and corruption…but rejoices in the sexual capacity and reproductive power God has put within him, committing himself to find a wife, and to earn her love, trust, and admiration—and eventually her hand in marriage.”

6. Moral maturity sufficient to lead as an example of righteousness.
“The Christian man is to be an example to others, teaching by both precept and example.”

7. Ethical maturity sufficient to make responsible decisions.
“The indecisiveness of so many contemporary males is evidence of a stunted manhood…A real man knows how to make a decision and live with its consequences—even if that means he must later acknowledge that he has learned by making a bad decision, and then by making the appropriate correction.”

8. Worldview maturity sufficient to understand what is really important.
“An inversion of values marks our postmodern age, and the predicament of modern manhood is made all the more perplexing by the fact that many men lack the capacity of consistent worldview thinking…The Christian man must understand how to interpret and evaluate issues across the spectrum of politics, economics, morality, entertainment, education, and a seemingly endless list of other fields.”

9. Relational maturity sufficient to understand and respect others.
“While a man is to demonstrate emotional strength, constancy, and steadfastness, he must be able to relate to his wife, his children, his peers, his colleagues, and a host of others in a way that demonstrates respect, understanding, and appropriate empathy.”

10. Social maturity to make a contribution to society.
“A boy must learn to fulfill a political responsibility as a citizen, and a moral responsibility as a member of a human community.  The Christian man bears a civilizational responsibility, and boys must be taught to see themselves as shapers of a society…”

11. Verbal maturity sufficient to communicate and articulate as a man.
“A man must be able to speak, to be understood, and to communicate in a way that will honor God and convey God’s truth to others.”

12. Character maturity sufficient to demonstrate courage under fire.
“In the end, a man’s character is revealed in the crucible of everyday challenges.  For most men, life will also bring moments when extraordinary courage will be required, if he is to remain faithful and true.”

13. Biblical maturity sufficient to lead at some level in the church.
“While God has appointed specific officers for his church—men who are specially gifted and publicly called— every man should fulfill some leadership responsibility within the life of the congregation.”

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No Shortcuts BUT Name Dolphy National Artist

Bienvenido Lumbera said: “. . . We are a people without a nation, a people in constant risk of losing our identity. We need our artists to help us remember our past and put us in mind of our future. The National Artist Award insists that even without a nation, Filipino artists must be nationalists, artists whose triumphs are landmarks toward the eventual achievement of a genuine ‘sense of Filipino nationhood.’”

Dolphy is known as a very humble person. He knows that he is already a national artist in the hearts of the Filipino people, and for sure, he will respect the process and understand that the reason and agenda behind having the National Artist Awards is bigger than all the national artists combined. Even without him saying it, it’s already a given that the cause of Filipino nationhood is also near and dear to him.

Source: Atty. Jojo M. Liangco of

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