Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Ways to get your 15 Minutes of Fame.

1.) Have a lot of kids, preferably all at once
The world has an obsession with babies, but not just babies, but babies in groups. Large groups. Sextuplets, quintuplets, and octuplets are all the rage nowadays. If you want to be famous, think about this route.
People who used this method: Octomom, Jon & Kate, the Duggar family.
2.) Make a sex tape
Sex sells. The Internet catalogs and collects such porn tapes forever in digital form. If you want to be famous, and possibly make a little cash from the distribution of such tape, then making a sex tape is the way to go. Remember, you have to have sex with a somewhat famous person for this to work.
People who used this method: Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian
3.) Get on a reality TV show or competition
Let’s face it, people love reality television. They love watching the most personal moments of people for their own gratification. If you can make it on a reality show, you’ll forever be known as “the guy/girl from *name of show*.” You can probably name at least 10 reality stars off the top of your head right now.
People who used this method: Jonny Fairplay (Survivor), New York (Flavor of Love/I Love New York), Trista Sutter (Bachelor/Bachelorette).
4.) Become an Internet sensation
You have no doubt seen at least one famous YouTube video. If you want to become famous on the cheap and don’t want to use your camera to make a porn, make a YouTube video!
People who used this method: Numa Numa Guy, Piano Cat, Lonelygirl15
5.) Pull off an elaborate hoax
Captivating audiences with an elaborate hoax is a sure fire way to get attention. The longer the hoax continues, the more attention you’ll get. Just make sure you are comfortable with the fact that once it is revealed as a hoax, you’ll no longer be relevant.
People who used this method: Balloon Boy family, Ashley Todd, James Frey
6.) Become friends with someone famous
Sometimes you just can’t be famous on your own. That’s what friends are for. Whether you appear on your friend’s TV show, appear with them in person while being photographed, or just being mentioned, you are sure to get more hits on your name in Google.
People who used this method: Heidi Montag/Pratt, Joe the Plumber, Kevin Federline
7.) Do, say or believe something radical
The world has its fair share of people who believe, do or say radical things. If you want to become famous and get your 15 minutes, perhaps joining the ranks of them is an option. Just say you were abducted by aliens, saw Bigfoot, or kidnap your husband/wife’s lover.
People who used this method: Lisa Nowak, Warren Jeffs

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