Thursday, October 21, 2010

Consider these the ingredients to what they call Authentic Love ::

1. Love Means coming to Know the person you love, you are well aware of the bueaty that person possesses, but you are also aware of the limitations, inconsistencies, and flaws.
2.Love Means that you Care about your siginificant other ; you demonstrate concern for their well being. Caring does not mean smothering nor clinging to the person you love, on the contrary caring should enhance both of you through growth.
3.Love Means having Respect for the person you love ; loving them and understanding that they are their own separate person, and they have their own values. It means not trying to change them !
4.Love Means having responsibility toward the person you love but not responsibilty for that person.
5.Love Means Growth ; growing together as a couple and knowing that their love has made you grow and your love has made them grow
6. Love Means having a commitment
7.Love Means being vulnerable ; if your not going to be vulnerable to the person you love who will you be vulnerable with.
8. Love means trusting the person that you love ; trusting that they will not intentionally hurt you.
9. Love Means trusting yourself
10. Love Means Letting Go ;; Realizing that the more we try to control things the more out of control we become. 

Jessenia “Jay” Rivera
Copyright 2010.


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