Friday, October 22, 2010

A Conversation!

Him: Have you noticed that I only get to see you once or twice a week?
Her: Mhm…
Him: And when I do see you, I have absolutely no alone time with you.
Her: Wow. Really? That’s what you only want? Just physical stuff, huh?
Him: You don’t understand! It’s not that. I can’t even take you out on a date. I can’t even bring you out to a movie. I can’t even get a chance to ask you to be my girlfriend.
He turns away.
Irritated, she growled, “Look at me…”
She walks in front of him. He turns his head away but it was too late. She already saw him desperately wiping his tears away with his shirt. Her anger and annoyance dissolved into hurt and sadness within the second she saw his pain.
“OMG. No no no… please don’t cry. Stop! Babyyy…”
He walked away mumbling, “It’s whatever. Don’t worry about it” and avoiding her, still with tears in his eyes.
He was about to leave when she grabbed him around his torso tightly repeating nonstop, “Baby, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”
She buried her head into his warm comforting chest with aggravation that she couldn’t do anything about this whole thing. He just stood there arms limp to his sides. He looked away blinking the tears away. She was well aware he can easily find a girl that he would be able to see and be with anytime he wants. She knew he can hook up at any party he goes to. It must be tempting for him to leave…
She choked out, “If you leave me. I completely understand…”
She regretted those words the moment they came out, fearing for the worst. Secretly wishing he’d deny it, but she knew it must sound tempting for him to take this chance to just leave. She looked down at the floor in despair.
His voice went down to a low growl and tightly wrapped his arms around her waist.
“Why would I ever leave such a good thing like you? Give me one good reason.”
She said hesitantly looking away from his mesmerizing eyes, “Because you can never have quality time with me.”
He softly whispers leaning closer, “Well then I’m just going to have to put up with that, aren’t I?” with a hint of his gorgeous smile as he looked upon her moist eyes intensely.
She couldn’t help but slowly smile. The happiness inside her bubbled. They both inched closer into a slow, warm, loving kiss.
His soft lips slowly pulled away and breathed, “I’d do anything for you. Anything at all. All for you and only you.”

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