Monday, October 25, 2010

How a 7-year old kid describes sex

One night a curious 7-year old went up to his mom and asked “Mom, what’s sex?”
His mom replied “Go hide behind the curtains in your older sister’s bedroom, come back after a few hours and tell me what you saw”
So the little boy obeyed.
An hour and a half later, the boy returned and his mother asked him “What did you see?”
So the boy recounted his story…
“Well, it started like this. I was hiding in the curtains right? And it was getting all boring and hot in there and I was thinking of coming out when the door opened.
Older sister came in along with her boyfriend so I stayed put and hid myself cause I know sis would get mad at me if she knew I was there.
Then, the weirdest things happened.
Her boyfriend must have been getting cold because he put his hand inside her shirt! And after a while I think it got colder because he put his other one inside her skirt this time! He was smiling and she was too and I thought it must be warm in there for them to look so happy.
Then I think they started feeling too warm so they started taking their clothes off. I think her boyfriend was hungry now because he started sucking on her… errr… whatchamacallems… anyways I don’t think he found milk in there but he still tried.
And then he pulled out this eel out of his pants and I think they didn’t like it because he tried to suffocate it with some plastic tube thingy and he was moaning and big sis had her mouth on it and I think she was trying to bite it out.
She was unable to I think so he laid down and she went on top of it and started jumping up and down to try and kill it! And I think the eel was fighting back because big sis and her boyfriend were moaning! Poor them! That eel must be a meanie!
I think they were succesful after that because after they finished I saw that the eel was limp and looked forlorn. The guy then took off the plastic and it looked weird because its blood was white. I never knew eel’s blood was white.
And then he flushed the plastic thing he used to suffocate it and they put their clothes back on and they looked happy, because I think they managed to kill that scary eel. Man. I didn’t know sex was that intense”-

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