Monday, November 1, 2010

No, Mom. I go to Hogwarts.

Mom: So are you ready for school tomorrow? 
Me: What? I don't start tomorrow. I start Wednesday. 
Mom: What are you talking about? 
Me: September 1st is when I start, Mom. 
Mom: No. Stop being silly. I'm waking you up at six tomorrow. 
Me: Why? The train doesn't leave until eleven. 
Mom: What train? Stop being ridiculous. You're scaring me. Now did you get all your supplies? 
Me: No. I have almost everything, but I still need my owl. Will you pick it up for me? 
Mom: Cindy, I'm serious. Quit. 
Me: Mom. I'm scared. 
Mom: Oh, honey! Why? 
Me: .... What if they put me in Slytherin? 

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