Monday, February 21, 2011

You'll know

Someday you’ll find your one true love. You’ll look so cute walking hand in hand, and kissing at the red lights and everyone thinks, “aww they make me want to puke.” But what do you feel inside? You feel that the world stops moving when you are with that one person. You feel ten different kinds of emotions, and you can’t speak of how you feel, you just feel it. You know that this particular person is all you need to get you by. You know that you could be with this person for the rest of your life; and still be as in love as you were the day you realized I love this person. That feeling never goes away if it’s true. You’ll still have it. Forever and always. You’ll have your times where you’re mad, or you’ll have your times when they’ve let you down, but you know no matter what you love them and couldn’t live without them. Your soul thrives off of theirs, your heart beats in unison. You know that this is your one true love and they are meant to be there. It’s not just how people see the two of you, or how you see each other. Its that undeniable beat of your hearts that proves your never-ending love. When it’s love, trust me, you’ll know. You’ll know.

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