Friday, July 13, 2012

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No Shortcuts BUT Name Dolphy National Artist

Bienvenido Lumbera said: “. . . We are a people without a nation, a people in constant risk of losing our identity. We need our artists to help us remember our past and put us in mind of our future. The National Artist Award insists that even without a nation, Filipino artists must be nationalists, artists whose triumphs are landmarks toward the eventual achievement of a genuine ‘sense of Filipino nationhood.’”

Dolphy is known as a very humble person. He knows that he is already a national artist in the hearts of the Filipino people, and for sure, he will respect the process and understand that the reason and agenda behind having the National Artist Awards is bigger than all the national artists combined. Even without him saying it, it’s already a given that the cause of Filipino nationhood is also near and dear to him.

Source: Atty. Jojo M. Liangco of

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