Friday, July 6, 2012

Larong Pinoy

1. JACKSTONE! Girls love playing this! Do you still remember your "exhibitions" to get your "baboy" ? :D

(Photo by Cherisse)

2. Chinese Garter is a popular street game for Pinoy kids, especially girls, that requires flexibility, balance and coordination. 

The game is played by two teams using a garter from a sewing store. The objective of the game is to be able to successfully jump over the garter as it is gradually held higher by the opposing side (Level1-10). The team leader or "Mother" can "save" her team from elimination if she can make her team's final jump. 

(photo from and text from WikiPilipinas)

3. LUKSONG TINIK, childhood game played outdoors or along the streets. Have you played this? :)

(painting by Dante Hipolito)

4.  PITIK-BULAG. A game that involves 2 players. One covers his eyes with a hand while the other flicks a finger (pitik) over the hand covering the eyes. The person with the covered eyes gives a number with his hand the same time the other does. If their numbers are the same, then they exchange roles in the game. Did you have FUN playing this? :)

5. Dampa
(Photo from: Richard Parker)

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