Monday, July 2, 2012

LifeBox- Life Stories (Princess Lapitan)

We all go through the process of change in our lives. As they say, change is the only thing that is constant. Changes that may bring out the best—or the beast—in us. I have my fair share of changes and let me share it with you.
I’m Princess Lapitan, but I prefer people to call me Cess. I’m a 4th year Broadcast Communication student from Lyceum of the Philippines. My course gives a hint that I am an outspoken person. Talking to people, reading books, surfing the internet, and writing take up my time when I’m free from school works.

This is me last summer at Ignite 2011: The   LifeBox  Campus Conference - the biggest gathering of student leaders from all over the country.

Speaking of schoolwork, I wasn’t the kind of student who exerted effort in my studies. If I will use a word to describe me, it would be “mediocre.” I didn’t pay too much attention to what my teachers were saying in class. I was too busy talking to my seatmate or even to the person two rows away. And instead of working on my assignments, I just copied the answers of my classmates. If I didn’t like the way teachers handled our class, I would talk behind their backs and even curse them. This was how terrible I was as a student before I got connected to LifeBox and met my LIFE coach.
When I was in fourth year high school, I attended a LIFE workshop thinking that it was a session for scholar wannabes (I was a scholar hopeful that time). After the seminar, they invited me to be part of a LIFE Group. Ate Tina, my LIFE coach, told me that I was a leader. She also said that I could be excellent and choose to be honest all the time. Hearing these for the first time gave me the impression that this person is kidding me. A leader in me? No way! I hated responsibilities. An excellent and honest student? She’s kidding, right? I didn’t believe her, but she didn’t give up on me.
Soon, I realized that my LIFE coach was right. I realized that I had leadership. I could be excellent, give my best and be truthful in everything, and trusting God above all. From then on, I started to change my ways. I give my professors the respect that they deserved, the same way I did with my parents. I take my studies seriously, standing with my conviction that cheating is a no-no, and setting as an example to my friends and classmates.
One of the best things I love about being part of a LIFE group is meeting these LIFE Coaches who became my mentors.
From being “mediocre,” I am now a dean’s lister and the Sports Editor of our university paper. I’m giving out my best in everything and at the same time doing the right thing. I’m now  leading my own LIFE Group in Muntinlupa Science High School and volunteering in LIFE workshops.
Meet my LIFE group in Muntinlupa Science High School!
Change is not an overnight process. It takes time. Nothing is impossible in those who trust. At the end of the day, change is the only thing that is constant. Just believe.

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