Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marco Alcaraz Wedding Vow

Marco Alcaraz and Lara Quigaman say their ”I dos”

"Whatever words may come out of me today, Lord, they are just part of what I feel... because I am just so overwhelmed by your goodness and love for having sent me a person like my Jiampong, my Jiamps, my precious one — as my wife.

"I want to walk through my years right beside you Precious Lara as your best friend, your soul mate, your lover... I will be your true partner in every adventure... wherever, whenever, forever...

"God really works in mysterious and sometimes funny ways. Dati, napapanood lang kita sa sitcom na That's my Doc. Ngayon, 'pag nakikita kita, I can now proudly say 'That's my wife!'

"Ironic that I have to experience an injury in basketball for us to meet in show business. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, 'Kapag si Lara ang naging girlfriend ko, titino na ako...

"True enough, salamat naman, minahal mo ako... kahit hindi ako masyadong mayaman, kahit hindi ako masyadong mature katulad ng dati mong boyfriends, at kahit na may itsura ako nang konti sa kanila.

"I thank you Miss Precious Lara Quigaman—for being the most unselfish, generous, loving eprson that I know. I feel more deeply in love with you when I see the way you treat your family, your relatives, and even my family and myself... Thank you for bringing out the best in me... and for showing me the things, and the people that really matter.
"And most important of all, thank you for bringing me closer to the Lord... I'm sorry Lara... for the pains you had to go through with me. I am not perfect but I will always try to work hard to be the best husband to you and father to our children.

"I love you, Lara and I promise to love you unconditionally, without reservation, comfort you in times of distress, encourage and support you to achieve all your goals and dreams—I love you Lara—that I want to laugh with you, learn with you and grow with you in mind and spirit all my life...

"And lastly, you may be Miss International to everyone, but for me Jiamps—you will always be my precious one. And I commit to taking care of you with all my life, my precious one—plus... our forthcoming son—and you both will be my precious two.

"I love you... I really love you! Thank you!"

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