Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Review

  • My Ridiculously Simplified Synopsis - Robert Langdon is not a Freemason, but he is the chosen one, the only one who can decipher, again a Masonic code that hides the wisdom of the medieval times.
  • Nothing to fret about, unless you’re a certified, bone deep Dan Brown fan. Again, he marvelously laid exotic facts (typical Dan Brown facts), to his obviously predictable plot.
  • Like what I said on my previous posts while I’m reading this book, I can assure that it’s a page turner, I don’t want to offer any of my prejudices to this book so I read it like it’s my first Dan Brown, when in fact I already read all of his books. In that way, I can see the beauty of it while ignoring the big commonplace of The Lost Symbol with his other books, most specifically, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.
  • But nonetheless, I am still awed with the facts that he presented on this book. If all of it are really authentic, I can presume that he really is the living Robert Langdon. Tidbits about the Freemasons, coincidences in the buildings and structures in Washington D.C., and of course the villain, will keep the pages turning.
  • Talking about the villain in this book, I have to say that, by far, he’s the most gruesome and cruel among Dan Drown’s antagonists. Unlike Sylar, the deaf man in the Digital Fortress, the Turkish Hassassin from Angels and Demons, I think they don’t have a stand with Mal-Akh. Plus, he’ll surprise you in the end.
  • Spoiler, this book asserted that our soul has mass. And other mystical ideas that are now being studied, if I say, by the Noetics Department of the United States. Dan Brown pointed out before the start of the book that the departments and any other congregations that are mentioned in the book are existing. The usual.
  • Know ye not that ye are Gods.- The only difference between you and God is that you have forgotten you are divine. One of the plots of this book is that we, all of us are Gods, capable of godly potentials, and God knows who’s gonna kill me if I spoil you with this thing. Read the book, and be intrigued.
  • I found the ending a little disappointing, it seemed as though after all the suspense it got to a point where the author thought “I have to end this.” and just rushed to write the ending. It was still a good read and I enjoyed it. Yeah, I enjoyed it.
  • Thought provoking.-

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