Saturday, June 30, 2012

Living a Life of Faith

How far are you willing to step in faith? Would you still act and speak of your faith even if it seems like you’re hanging on a thread, with uncertainties lurking around you?

Ailene Tumabaga of Caloocan discovered that faith does not require the blabbing and bragging of it. It’s actually “walking” by faith that taps on heaven’s gates to bring about God’s brimming blessings and unexpected miracles.

Faith in the Unseen
Ailene, a high school teacher, is a long-time viewer of The 700 Club Asia. One of the important lessons she learned from the show is the principle of sowing and reaping.

“Watching the show really strengthens my faith, especially in times of financial testing. Giving to CBN Asia is one of my faith exercises,” she said.

Her husband is an OFW, and the money he sends home is usually just enough, or short at times, for their basic needs and expenses. Still, Ailene remains faithful in her giving.

One time, she found herself short of 16,000 pesos. The budget she allotted was way under their expenses and the bills she had to pay.

Yet despite her lack, Ailene exercised her faith and fulfilled her monthly pledge to The 700 Club.

Product of Faith
“While thinking about the deficit, I watched The 700 Club Asia. I cried so hard while praying with the hosts,” Ailene shared. “With an expectant heart, I asked God to show Himself strong in my situation. And He immediately did! ”

A few minutes after praying, Ailene’s bestfriend suddenly asked her to go online so they could talk via video chat.

“I was so surprised when she contacted me. We haven’t had a lot of communicating since she moved to Germany,” she said. “My best friend knew that I had been crying. After I confided to her, she immediately gave me the instructions on how to claim an overseas remittance!”

Ailene added, “She gave me 16,000 pesos and told me it’s a gift and not a debt. And I was not even asking financial help from her. I knew that moment that God answered my prayer. It was so amazing!”

Faith That Heals
It was also Ailene’s faith that led to her son’s miraculous healing from an ear infection. The doctor said an operation would have to be done to prevent the infection from spreading. She was told the procedure would cost her 50,000 pesos, and Ailene knew she just couldn’t afford it.

“While the doctor was explaining to me the details, I was silently praying. I know there’s nothing too difficult for God and He can heal my boy without the expensive surgery,” she said confidently.

As per her usual night routine, Ailene turned on the TV and tuned in to The 700 Club Asia. “Suddenly I heard Peter Kairuz pray for a boy with an ear infection. I claimed my son’s healing right away!”

When they returned to the hospital, they couldn’t believe the doctor’s good news. Her son’s infection was gone and there was no more need to undergo an operation.

“I was overwhelmed with joy because once again, God proved how mighty He is. Not once did my faith disappoint me. Truly, we live by faith and not by sight,” Ailene said. | by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia


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