Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mga Larong Pinoy

1. SUNGKA- Traditional Filipino game that uses shells or marbles which is equally distributed in each holes, it also consist two players with an objective to accumulate as many pieces in your own head. Sungka.

2. TEKS. Filipino children collect these playing cards which contain comic strips and texts placed within speech balloons. They are played by tossing them to the air until the cards hit the ground. The cards are flipped upwards through the air using the thumb and the forefinger which creates a snapping sound as the nail of the thumb hits the surface of the card. The winner or gainer collect the other players' card depending on how the cards are laid out upon hitting or landing on the ground.
(Photo by : Chris Linag)

3. POG Do you remember “pog”? Vividly designed circular cardboard paper popularized by a beverage company in the 90’s. The pog also comes with a plastic slammer, child’s play in time for summer. 

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4. PLASTIC BALLOON. Pinoy kids played this as they try to blow and make bigger balloons than their playmates.
(Photo by : gecua Flickr)

5.YO-YO. Do you still remember your different and unique tricks? :) These Coca Cola yo-yos were made in the Philippines and were distributed worldwide during the 1980's.

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